This page will give you a generic overview on Systers Portal project architecture. As any other Django project Portal organizes its functionality in several apps:

  • blog - handles showing, adding, editing and deleting news and resources.
  • common - generic functionality that can’t be part of any other app. For example, landing, about, contact pages, generic models, helpers, mixins that are used in several apps.
  • community - community and subcommunities functionality, like adding new communities, views and editing community profiles, showing, adding, editing and deleting community pages, managing permissions regarding each community.
  • membership - handles showing, creating, approving and rejecting join requests to a community, removing and inviting users to become members of a community.
  • users - showing and editing user personal profile.
  • meetup - handles meetup locations and meetup functionality.

The templates are placed inside systers_portal/templates folder organized in a folder structure similar to the apps tree. Respectively the templates location matches the views location.

Each app along with models, views, urls and other app related code (admin, forms, mixins, utils) contains a folder with migrations and tests. The migrations are generated by Django and shouldn’t be edited manually. The tests folder mimics the app modules covering each module with a separate test file. For example, tests for app_name/ are contained in the app_name/tests/