Api to communicate with VMS

The purpose of building this API was to provide information about the meetups in Portal to VMS so that their volunteers could participate in them. Presently, there are three fields of meetups which are sent to VMS via the API:

  1. Event Name - Title of the event going to be held.
  2. Start Date - The date from which the event would start.
  3. End Date - The date on which the event would end.
  4. Description - The description of the event.
  5. Meetup Id - The unique Id of the meetup.
  6. Venue - The location of the event.

Users can send in a GET or a POST request to https://localhost/meetup/api/v1/request_meetup_data/ to access the meetup data.

In case of a GET request, a list containing the details of all meetups in the ascending order of their dates will be returned :


In case of a POST request,a list containing the details of all meetups occurring after the ID value sent in the request object will be returned :


Details of the API

  1. Use Case : Send event details for volunteers to contribute accordingly.

  2. API Method : GET/POST

  3. URL Parameters : https://localhost/meetup/api/v1/request_meetup_data/

  4. Request Body:

      "Meetup-Id” : “id after which all meetups are required”
  5. Response Body - Success:

      “Event Name/Title” : “ --------”
      “Start Date” : “-----------”
      "End Date" : "-------------"
      "Description" : "----------"
      "Meetup Id" : "-------------"
      “Venue” : “------------------”
  6. Response Body - Error:

      "message": "Please send a proper request"